University Life


A place always full of food, gossips, and upbeat buzz. The AUIC cafeteria provides recitational breaks from busy schedules in order to relax and reboot for another energetic start.

The dedicated indoor and outdoor sports facilities at AUIC provide ample opportunities to students and staff in order to practice and improve their athletics abilities.


The library is well-equipped with latest books, international research journals, latest reports on various topics, daily newspapers, and a wide range of relevant professional magazines.


State-of-the-art laboratories are installed where students are engaged to sharpen their practical skills on the latest equipment.

Board Room

A dedicated board room facility is in place, equipped with the latest multimedia equipment, to conduct on campus and virtual meetings.

Medical Emergency Room

The medical emergency room contains the necessary medicine, equipment, and a medical staff to provide first-aid for medical emergencies.


The auditorium is available for seminars, workshops, job-fairs and conferences which holds a large number of seating capacity and highly equipped with the latest audio-visual aid.


A newly installed gym facility contains all major equipment that helps participants to workout in order to maintain their physique fitness.