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Admission Overview
Fee Structure
Financial Aid & Scholarship

Admission Procedure

Abasyn University offers admission on open merit basis. There is no quota system followed at the University. The eligibility mentioned below must be fulfilled by the candidate at the time of submitting application. All candidates for undergraduate programs who are eligible for admission will be required to appear in the entry test arranged by the University (NTS test results are also acceptable in lieu of university entry test). Admissions to various programs are announced through national news papers and social media well before the date of the entry test. All applications for admission are accepted on prescribed forms with attested photocopies of all the previously obtained Degrees/Certificates/DMCs, and any other document mentioned in the application form attached to the Prospectus. Admission is based upon careful review of all credentials presented by the applicant. These applications will be considered without regard to race, gender, age, religion, marital status, physical disabilities, and national origin. All required admission documents should be submitted to the Office of Admissions. The University reserves the right to change its admissions policy without prior notice.


Bachelors Program

The candidate must have one of the following qualifications with an overall 2nd division or equivalent grade.

  1. Intermediate with certain required courses according to the chosen discipline of study.
  2. For the A-levels students the following criteria applies:
    • 3 Full credit courses of A Levels.
    • Students will be required to produce equivalency certificate from Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) within two months of the admission offer.

BE Electrical Engineering (BEEE)

The candidate must have 60% or above marks in Intermediate (pre-engineering) or equivalent to apply for admission to the BE Electrical Engineering program.

BE Civil Engineering (BECE)

The candidate must have 60% or above marks in Intermediate (pre-engineering) or equivalent to apply for admission to the BE Civil Engineering program.

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm–D)

The candidate must have 60% or above marks in Intermediate (pre-medical) or equivalent to apply for admission to the Pharm–D program.

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

The candidate must have 60% or above marks in Intermediate (pre-medical) or equivalent to apply for admission to the DPT program.

Master’s Program

  1. The candidate should have passed 4 year Bachelor’s* degree from any recognized university with certain required courses according to the chosen discipline of study. (for example for admission to MS in Electrical Engineering - a 4 year BSc Electrical Engineering).
  2. The candidates are required to provide NTS General TEST result with a minimum cumulative score of 50 percent, within the first two semesters after enrollment. The admission office provides guidance how to take NTS examination.

Selection criteria

  1. Matric : 10%
  2. Intermediate : 50%
  3. Entry test, NTS or any aptitude test : 40%

For Standing Admissions (Transfer Students)

All potential students applying for transfer of credits must have been enrolled in an HEC recognized institution. Furthermore, they are required to fulfill and complete all admission requirement for their respective programs. The following criteria will be used to assess the Academic eligibility of transfer students:

  1. Duly completed Transfer of Credit form.
  2. Mark sheets/transcripts of current and previous academic work
  3. Course outlines for all courses that a student wants to be transferred to the university.
  4. No objection certificate from the previous institution of enrollment.
  5. All potential candidates are required to take the Admission examination, unless they are transferring from another campus of Abasyn University.
  6. According to the university policy students must complete at least half of the program to get a degree.
  7. No credit hour of a course will be transferred if the grade is less than C for undergraduate/Master of 16 year and B for Master/MPhil programs.

The fee for the application packet i.e. Rs. 1000/- can be paid in cash if collected in person. If requested by post the fee should be sent in the form of a bank draft or pay order in the name of Abasyn University. Application can be downloaded from official Website of Abasyn University ( Application can be filled and submitted online as well. However students are required to bring their required documents on the day of test/interview. Application must be submitted before the deadline fixed by the University.

Required Documents for Admission

The following documents are required to be submitted along with the Admission Application Form:

  1. Completed Admission application form.
  2. Mark sheets of all previously completed academic work.
  3. If a candidate has completed previous academic work from another education system, an Equivalence Certificate from the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) is required within two months of the admission offer.
  4. 4 Passport size photographs.
  5. Copy of Computerized National Identity Card / Form B.

Admission Test

Abasyn University arranges its own entry test to make sure that the quality of intake is the best. However, the university also accepts NTS, TOEFL, IELTS test scores for the admission in the replacement of its own entry test. The admissions test covers the following areas:

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Logic and Analytical

Abasyn University provides students with all the necessary examination stationary, thus students don’t need to bring anything along with them.

Fee Structure

The University charges tuition fee on the credit hours basis. The following table shows tuition fee per credit hour for each degree program. Tuition fee (per credit hour) with 20% scholarship*. The fee of first semester can be paid in two installment.

BE- Civil Engineering PKR 7125/-
BE- Electrical Engineering PKR 4200/-
BS- Software Engineering PKR 3000/-
BS- Computer Science PKR 2560/-
BS- Microbiology PKR 2400/-
BS - MLT PKR 2350/-
BS - HN & Dietetics PKR 2300/-
BS-Electronics PKR 2300/-
BS Prosthetics & Orthotics PKR 2300/-
BS Radiology Technology PKR 2300/-
BS - Fashion and Design PKR 2300/-
BS - Psychology PKR 2300/-
BS - English PKR 2300/-
BS - Human Nutrition and dietetics PKR 2250/-
B.Ed (Hons) PKR 2150/-
BS - Mass Communication PKR 2150/-
BS - Mathematics PKR 2150/-
BS - Environmental sciences PKR 2150/-
BS - Biochemistry PKR 2150/-
BBA PKR 2150/-
BS - T&H Management PKR 2150/-
BS - Statistics PKR 2100/-
Bachelor in Business Administration PKR 2100/-
Pharm-D PKR 3895/-
DPT PKR 3050/-
M.Phil - Micro Biology PKR 4100/-
MS- Project Management PKR 4600/-
MS- Management Science PKR 4600/-
MS- Electrical Engineering PKR 4600/-
MS- Software Engineering PKR 4600/-
MS- Computer Science PKR 4600/-
MS - Data Science PKR 4500/-
B.Tech (Civil/Electrica/Mechanicall) PKR 22000/-(Per Semester)
Cr. Hour Transfer Fee 1,000/-
Admission Fee (One Time) 10,000/-
Security Fee (One Time) 10,000/-
Semester Registration/Misc Fee (Per Semester) 10,000/-
Semester Freeze Fee 10,000/-
Paper Retake Fee (Per Paper) 3000/-
Paper Recheck Fee (Per Paper) 2,000/-
Course Exemption Fee 2,000/-
Prospectus Fee 1,000/-

Financial Aid

The University is well aware of the economic conditions of the country. Therefore, the University has exceptionally subsidized tuition fee of all of the academic programs. The fee structure varies from program to program. The fee is charged on credit hour basis during each semester. In addition to tuition fee, students are also required to deposit Rs. 5,000/- as admission fee (one time) at the time of admission. The University reserves the right to change the fee structure without prior notice to students. Tuition Fees at Abasyn University are quite affordable as compared to others. Details can be obtained from Admission Office.


The Abasyn University Islamabad Campus (AUIC) is committed to build a nationwide knowledge community through quality education at an affordable cost. At AUIC, we are well aware of the fact that many students are deprived of university education due to their economic conditions. As one of its social responsibilities, AUIC offer exceptionally subsidized tuition fees to brilliant and needy students in all of its academic programs.

Till fall 2017 semester. AUIC has invested around PKR 40,000,000/- on account of scholarships. The university, as its social responsibility, decided to enhance its scholarship programs for brilliant and needy students. The following scholarship programs are being offered by Abasyn University, Islamabad Campus to its students.


Up to 100% scholarship in the form of tuition fee waiver is offered to students with excellent academic performance. The scholarships start from basic eligibility criteria as per degree requirements pertaining to a particular discipline from 10% to 100% for eligible students in 1st semester only.


Up to 30% scholarship as a waiver on tuition fee is offered as merit-based scholarships at the beginning of 2nd semester based upon the academic performance of a student in the 1st semester. The minimum GPA/CGPA required to qualify for this scholarship is 3.00


The university understands the financial limitations of government employees pursuing their master degree and offers scholarship up to 30% waiver in the tuition fee. The scholarship is specifically for master programs students.


The need based scholarship is for students with special circumstances or financial constraints. The aim of this scholarship is to facilitate educational opportunities for needy students.


The orphan students with good academic record but facing difficulty in fulfilling their financial expenses are provided up to 50% scholarship based upon their semester results.


The university believes in equal opportunity for every citizen and offers special scholarship for special students up to 50%. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage such students so they can contribute equally to our society.


In order to facilitate families and to reduce their financial burden, kinship scholarship of 10% is offered to siblings throughout their complete academic program.