About Us


Message from the Chancellor

Education is the core value of a nation, and the function of an educational institution is not only to take care of an individual’s academic growth but also to take charge of his/her personal, social, mental, psychological, and spiritual maturity for overall learning and transformation. Only an institution which takes care of all these dynamics can shape a true scholar and a true professional, and Abasyn University is one of its kind in this realm.

Abasyn University, established in 2007 through an Act of Provincial Assembly, has now emerged as a sustainable organization with the grace of Almighty and the committed efforts of the faculty and the management. Within a short span of time, the university has made a number of achievements including a thriving campus at Islamabad.

This is heartening to know that apart from excelling in academic standards,students of Abasyn University actively participate in diverse socio-cultural activities of high standards such as tree plantation, traffic education, blood donation, youth awareness, and community service campaigns, drives, and projects to nurture exceptional values of social importance. The University, energized by its distinguished faculty and strengthened by its brilliant students, now stands in the highest echelons of education in the country and strives to forge new paths for a brighter tomorrow of Pakistan.

I pray to Allah to crown our endeavours with success!

Dr. Muhammad Imran Ullah

Message from the Vice Chancellor

Great institutions are more than places. They’re ideas, and same is true for Abasyn University which is meant to nurture the interplay of ideas, students, and place in ways that serve them all. At Abasyn University we put to work our strongest and most promising academic disciplines and build avenues of access and opportunities for the students.

On behalf of the University community, I welcome you to the world of Abasyn University. This Prospectus gives you an overview of the University’s campus,programs and courses with a very blend of highly qualified faculty, excellent infra-structure and handsome enrolment figures, Abasyn University has blossomed into an institution of great eminence.

One of the University’s two main roles is to help our students achieve that potential and become what they want to be and what society needs. Our other main role is to generate new knowledge that improves the world and illuminates our understanding of it. We are acknowledged as excelling in both of these roles, and we intend to do even better - hence the ambitious programme of investment in facilities, faculties and staff at Abasyn University will be continuing in the future ahead. Abasyn University has taken full advantage of the modern techniques of communication to facilitate and support its students for better quality education by expert faculty members in a congenial academic environment.

I request you to come and personally visit Abasyn University or go through this prospectus to know more about our academic environment, curriculum and teaching/learning proceedings.

I wish a very bright future for all of you. I hope that after getting admission and education at Abasyn University, you will become an asset for the country and you will be able to play an important role for the development and prosperity of yourself, your family and the people of Pakistan.

Dr. Syed Umar Farooq

Message from the Head of Campus

Abasyn University embodies the message in its tag line –
                    Passion to design futures

Established in 2012, Abasyn University Islamabad Campus (AUIC) is committed to provide high-quality education and equipping students with knowledge and skill necessary to address both local and global challenges. Within the short span of its existence, the AUIC has achieved remarkable success and continues to forge its future with new program initiative, modern curriculum, cutting edge research activities, student engagement, faculty development, international collaborations, industry collaboration and much more. Making transformative impact on students, faculty, industry and society is the aim of these programs.

As we look into the future, one thing is certain – knowledge will be a highly sought-after key resource within Pakistan and around the world. Our challenge is to help to generate ideas that will benefit society, and to educate and train people to work in fields where they will be valued both for their specialized knowledge, and for their ability to communicate and solve problems.AUIC provides many opportunities to grow academically, intellectually and socially. At AUIC, we emphasize on critical thinking, technology awareness, interpersonal competencies and practical life skills. Our programs for faculty development ensure a dynamic and futuristic environment for teaching and research.

As an Executive Director, I am committed to attracting a body of faculty and students dedicated to academic excellence, pedagogical sophistication, research, and service to society.

I look forward to welcoming you to Abasyn University Islamabad Campus.

Dr. M. Bashir Khan