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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
MS Electrical Engineering
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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

MS Electical Engineering is offered by th department of Electical Engineering. Major outcomes of the program are:

  1. Ability to investigate technology and tools
  2. Ability to design and propose new methods
  3. Ability to design solution to problem faced by computing and engineering industries.
  4. Ability to work independently
  5. Ability to produce impact factor research

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) Mapping to Curriculum

Semester Plan

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
EExxx Core-I 3+0
EExxx Core-II 3+0
EExxx Elective-I 3+0
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Pre Req
EExxx Core-III 3+0 None
EExxx Elective-II 3+0
EExxx Elective-III 3+0
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Pre Req
EExxx Elective-IV 3+0 None
EE599 Thesis-I 3+0 None
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Pre Req
EExxx Elective-V 3+0 None
EE599 Thesis-II 3+0 None


Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE601 Probability and Random Processes 3+0
EE602 Advanced Digital Signal Processing 3+0
EE603 Advanced Digital Design 3+0
EE604 Advanced Digital Communicaton 3+0
EE605 Advanced Engineering Mathematics 3+0
EE606 Advanced Computational Techniques 3+0
EE607 Advanced Research Methodology* 3+0
EE758 Information Theory and Coding 3+0
EE750 Advanced Power System Analysis 3+0
EE733 Discrete Time Control System 3+0

List Of Electives

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE620 Advanced Linear Algebra 3+0
EE621 Advanced Computer Programming 3+0
EE622 Advanced Topics in Electrical Engineering 3+0
EE623 Numerical Device Modeling 3+0
EE624 Optimization Techniques 3+0
EE625 Advanced Artificial Intelligence 3+0
EE626 AMulti Topics in Computer Architecture 3+0
EE627 Advanced Design and analysis of Algorithms 3+0
EE628 Advanced Operating System 3+0
EE629 Advanced Micro Processor and Interfacing 3+0
EE6xx Digital IC Design 3+0
EE711 Detection and Estimation Theory 3+0
EE 712 Error Control Coding 3+0
EE 713 Cellular Radio Network Planning 3+0
EE 714 Optical Communication Systems 3+0
EE 715 Advanced Wireless Communication 3+0
EE 716 Advanced Communication Networks 3+0
EE717 Special Topics in Communication 3+0
EE718 Space Time Communication 3+0
EE721 Advanced Digital Image Processing 3+0
EE722 Pattern Recognition 3+0


Dr. M. Noman Jafri


Mr. Wasif Latif

Assistant Professor

Ms. Aisha Qamar


Ms. Rashida Khalid


Ms. Seher Bano

Lab Engineer

Ms. Sidra Mushtaq

Lab Engineer

Mr. Muffasir Matloob Abbasi

Lab Engineer

Mr. Fawad Ahmad

Lab Engineer