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We at AUIC don't just impart quality education and strive to create a transformative impact on society through academic excellence, we create a path of success for our students by imparting relevant knowledge and skills, critical thinking, creativity, and a high sense of social responsibility.

Why Choose Abasyn

Quality Education

AUIC provides student-centered outcome based education essentially focusing on quality academic delivery in its classrooms, laboratories, and other learning arenas.

Professional Development

AUIC professional development program helps participants to develop core competencies and professional skills to achieve their goals and objectives.

Industry Academia Linkage

AUIC has developed linkages with a range of professional organizations for internships and career opportunities through its Industrial Liaison and Placement Cell (ILPC).

Career Counselling

Our career counselling office advices students on career development by offering relevant seminars and workshops on job search, professional growth, and lifelong learning.

News & Updates


Advanced Diagnostic Centre to Provide Training Facilities to Abasyn University Islamabad Campus Faculty and Students

AUIC and Advanced Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd. have signed a memorandum of understanding under which the Centre will extend its diagnostic facilities lab and equipment to AUIC faculty and students for providing training and hands-on experience in the use of these services. The cooperation agreement promises to furnishing a unique opportunity to the trainees of AUIC.


AUIC Signs MoU with BJ Micro Labs

In pursuance with the goal of providing its students updated state of knowledge and skills, AUIC has signed an MoU with BJ Micro Labs (SMC) Private Limited. BJ Micro Labs is a research and development facility which specializes in DNA/RNA extraction and PCR as well as equipped with research in STEM. Working in this facility, our students will have exposure and hands-on practice to use the state-of-the-art equipment in the field of biology techniques.


AUIC and The Diabetes Center Sign MoU

AUIC and The Diabetes Centre Islamabad have signed an MoU under which the signing parties will exchange their facilities and service to each other in the larger interests of students of AUIC and patients. Under the MoU, The Diabetes Centre Islamabad will allow AUIC students to use their facilities, lab and equipment to get practical training in treating diabetic patients. This hands-on training in standard practices in handling patients suffering from this condition will open new doors of job opportunities for the interns.


AUIC-EOTO MoU: Another Milestone

AUIC has achieved yet another landmark by signing an MoU with Each One Teach One where the students at AUIC will have an opportunity to gain practical experience through application of the knowledge obtained during academic studies. As well as acquiring hands-on experience, they will have the pride to make contributions in uplifting the society by imparting education to students run under EOTO Foundation. Also, this will fulfill the commitment of AUIC to contribute in building the nation.


AUIC and Grace Medical Centre Sign MoU

AUIC and Grace Medical Centre have signed an MoU under which the latter will allow AUIC student an access its hospital/Centre facilities for clinical training and rotation as well as services of its human resource. This hands-on training will go a long way in equipping AUIC students to acquire professional knowledge and practical skills of their field.


AUIC and Regional Blood Centre Islamabad Sign MoU

AUIC and Regional Blood Centre Islamabad have entered into an understanding where both organizations will mutually facilitate and collaborate in various areas of transfusion medicines. In this context, RBC will organize events for AUIC faculty and students to raise awareness about general medical related topics and transfusion science.


AUIC and Tobacco Smoke Free Sign Up for Joint Efforts

AUIC and Tobacco Smoke Free Islamabad sign an MoU to pool their resources for collaborative efforts which benefit both the signing parties in the verities of ways. Under the agreement, the signatories will join hands in collaborative efforts regarding health hazards and how to make Pakistan a smoke free country. In addition, both the organizations will conduct joint research and collect data on smoking related issues to create a data bank for further research and planning corrective actions. The joint projects will impart important research skills to students as well as faculty at AUIC to become trained and skilled researchers in their respective fields.


AUIC and Alpha Engineering sign an MoU

Under a Memorandum of Understanding signed by both parties, AUIC and Alpha Engineering Consultants have agreed to cooperate and extend facilities owned by each party in order to strengthen academic and professional activities. The expertise of Alpha Engineering Consultants in architectural design, structural design and supervision service will form a nexus with academic and engineering skills possessed by AUIC faculty and students. This productive cooperation will provide impetus to the professional and technical skills imparted at the campus and will take the programme offered to a higher level. The experience gained by our students at AUIC will go a long way in making them excel in their fields of expertise.

09 May

The 6th Convocation of Abasyn University Peshawar will be held on Tuesday 9 th May 2023 at Jinnah Convention Center Islamabad. Graduated students apply before 15th April 2023.


Upcoming Events

15 Mar

Are you ready to showcase your skills and compete with the best and brightest from universities all across Pakistan? AUIC is proud to present the ANSEC-23. Register yourself to be part of this event

02 Mar

HND department is going to arrange a Nutrition Awareness Seminar with a collaboration of Nutrifactor team. They will conduct an question answer session during seminar.

03 Mar

HND department is going to arrange Free Nutrition Camp with a collaboration of Nutrifactor team. Come and Join to Learn How to Enjoy Healthier Life.

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