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Empowering Healthcare through Real World Experience at PIC

The Peshawar Institute of Cardiology was delighted to host undergraduate Doctor of Physical Therapy students and faculty from Abasyn University Islamabad. Under the supervision of Dr. Laila Jafri and Dr. Salma Bibi, the group included Dr. Urba Ashfaq, Dr. Fawad Khan, and Dr. Aqib Ali. The visit aimed to give students practical insights into specialized healthcare operations. Welcomed by PIC Medical, Hospital, and Nursing Directors, the visit began with a presentation by Dr. Usman Farooq PT on PIC services and the role of physiotherapy. Students toured the Ward, Coronary Care Unit, and Outpatient Department, engaging in real-world patient care scenarios. The productive visit provided valuable practical learning experiences for the students future healthcare careers.

Exploring the Future of Herbal Medicine: A Journey into Herbal Revival

The Department of Pharmacy proudly hosted an engaging exhibition titled “STEP INTO THE WORLD OF HERBAL REVIVAL,” aimed at emphasizing the significance of herbal products in our everyday lives. The event showcased the evolution of herbal medicine from ancient traditions to modern innovations, highlighting the latest advancements in herbal medicine, skincare, supplements, and more. Attendees had the opportunity to explore diverse exhibits, interact with experts, and gain insights into the transformative power of herbal formulations. The exhibition also served as a dynamic platform for students to present their innovative projects, receive constructive feedback, and refine their presentation skills. The event concluded with an awards ceremony, where students were recognized for their exceptional contributions with prizes and certificates, celebrating their hard work and dedication to the field of herbal medicine.

AUIC Civil Engineering Students Visit BESTWAY Cement Factory, Jinnah Barrage, and Hydropower Project

The Department of Civil Engineering and Technology at AUIC organized a study visit to the BESTWAY Cement Factory, Jinnah Barrage, and Jinnah Hydropower Project. Led by Prof. Dr. M. Salik Javaid, faculty members Engr. Zee Shan Sameja, Mr. Bilal M. Ismaeil, and Mr. Faizan Zafar, along with students, gained practical insights into cement production, barrage operations, and hydroelectric power generation. At BESTWAY Cement Factory, Mr. Salman and Mr. Ilyas Ali emphasized safety and provided PPEs before guiding the students through the facility. At Jinnah Barrage, Engr. Zia ur Rehman delivered an informative lecture and conducted a field tour. The visit to Jinnah Hydropower Project included briefings by Mr. Bakhtiyar Khan and Mr. Asad on power generation and turbine types. Each instructor received a memento from Prof. Dr. M. Salik Javaid in appreciation.

MLT molecular students exhibition

The Department of Life Sciences organized an exhibition to highlight the hard work and dedication of Molecular Biology students. This event provided them with a platform to present their projects, receive valuable feedback, and enhance their presentation skills. It celebrated their achievements and supported their professional development.

RWU Rising Pakistan 2024 Event

Rawalpindi Women University conducted their annual mega event named Rising Pakistan 3.0. In this mega event, more than 30 universities from the twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi took part in various. From AUIC, our students participated in 6 events including Naat, Singing, Drama, Debate, Open Mic Poetry, Short Film, Photography etc. Alhamdulillah, on the closing of this National Event organised by Rawalpindi Women University, our students have secured positions in multiple events On the closing ceremony, Member of Punjab Provincial Assembly, Miss Shazia Rizwan Afser (MPA) and Miss Tehseen Fawad (MPA) distributed the shields and prize money to the winners. While all the participants were awarded with certificates by Dr. Anila Kamal (VC, RWU).

Certificates Distribution Ceremony by Each One Teach One (EOTO) Foundation

On the basis of previously conducted events by EOTO Foundation as official partner of ABASYN UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD CAMPUS i.e. Bake and Sale Event and Food Stalls on AUIC Cultural Carnival 2024, a certificates distribution ceremony was organised by the members of EOTO Foundation at AUIC for the participants of aforementioned events. The Co-Founder and CEO of EOTO Foundation, Mr. A. Rehman Lodhi, along with his team including Mr. Saad Waheed, Ms. Hina Zubair, Mr. Taimoor, Ms. Hajira Khan and Ms. Fatima Khan, visited AUIC to distribute the certificates. From AUIC the very energetic members of EOTO including Ms. Areej Fatima, Ms. Humaira Jabeen, Ms. Moiza Yamin, Mr. Raja Shafiq etc made the arrangements in the successful conduction of this ceremony. On this occasion, Mr. Awal Zaman Khan Additional Registerer AUIC and other faculty members were present and distributed certificates among the students. At the end of session, a detailed meeting was conducted between the representatives of EOTO and Additional Registerer, AUIC for the future collaborations and events.

Celebrating Success: Abasyn University Islamabad Campus Excels at KMU Sports Event!

We are delighted to announce the exceptional performance of Abasyn University Islamabad Campus students at the recent sports event hosted by Khyber Medical University. Our students showcased exemplary sportsmanship and skill across various disciplines, earning accolades and recognition for their achievements. In the spirited competition, AUIC athletes participated in multiple categories, including cricket, volleyball, football, badminton both male and female, table tennis female, and tug of war female. Their dedication and hard work were evident throughout the event, reflecting their commitment to excellence and representing our institution with pride.

Awareness Seminar on Antimicrobial Resistance and Antimicrobial Stewardship

Department of Pharmacy Abasyn University in collaboration with American Society of Microbiology Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University organized a One Day Seminar on "Antimicrobial Resistance and Antimicrobial Stewardship" on Thursday 28th December 2023. Guest speaker Dr. Ahmed Hussain Bhutta highlighted the emergent crisis of Antimicrobial Resistance and how Pharmacists could play an effective role in curbing Antimicrobial Resistance through applying basic principles of Antimicrobial Stewardship in Retail and Community Pharmacy Setup.

Admission for Spring 2024

Get ready to embark on an educational journey like no other. Abasyn University esteemed Islamabad Campus proudly announces the commencement of admissions for the Spring 2024 intake, offering aspiring students a chance to pursue excellence in education and chart a path to success.

City Traffic Police Rawalpindi Collaborates with AUIC for Road Safety Awareness

In a joint effort to promote road safety and educate the community on essential driving precautions, a dedicated team from the City Traffic Police Rawalpindi recently paid a visit to the prestigious premises of the Abasyn University Islamabad Campus . The initiative aimed to spread awareness of road safety measures and provide valuable information on driving regulations. Furthermore, the visiting traffic police team offered essential services, including license renewals and learner permit issuance, benefiting our esteemed faculty, students, and staff. The visit proved to be a significant step towards ensuring the safety of our road users and strengthening the bond between the local community and our institution. We appreciate the efforts of City Traffic Police Rawalpindi and look forward to more collaborations in the future to promote a safer and more informed driving environment.

Orientation for Fall 2023 Semester

It is with immense joy and anticipation that we extend a warm and hearty welcome to all the new additions to the academic family of Abasyn University Islamabad Campus. As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisper, we embark on a new season of growth and discovery. Your journey with us is about to unfold, and we could not be more excited to have you join our vibrant and diverse community. This is the time when you will get to know the campus, meet fellow students, and familiarize yourself with the exciting resources and opportunities that await you. It is your first step into the tapestry of academic and personal growth that AUIC offers.

Timetable for Fall 2023

It is to informed that the program wise timetable for the Fall 2023 semester is now available on university website. To access timetable, simply head over to the Download Section of website. You will find all the information you need to plan your semester effectively. Get ready for a fantastic Fall semester and do not forget to share this news with your fellow students. Let is make this semester a great one.

Gold Medalists for Abasyn University Peshawar 6th Convocation 2023

Attention all! We are proud to announce the list of our gold medal students for Abasyn University Peshawar 6th convocation. These exceptional individuals have demonstrated unparalleled academic excellence and dedication throughout their time at our institution, and we are thrilled to honor their achievements. Join us in congratulating them on this well-deserved recognition!

Advanced Diagnostic Centre to Provide Training Facilities to Abasyn University Islamabad Campus Faculty and Students

AUIC and Advanced Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd. have signed a memorandum of understanding under which the Centre will extend its diagnostic facilities lab and equipment to AUIC faculty and students for providing training and hands-on experience in the use of these services. The cooperation agreement promises to furnishing a unique opportunity to the trainees of AUIC.

AUIC Signs MoU with BJ Micro Labs

In pursuance with the goal of providing its students updated state of knowledge and skills, AUIC has signed an MoU with BJ Micro Labs (SMC) Private Limited. BJ Micro Labs is a research and development facility which specializes in DNA/RNA extraction and PCR as well as equipped with research in STEM. Working in this facility, our students will have exposure and hands-on practice to use the state-of-the-art equipment in the field of biology techniques.

AUIC and The Diabetes Center Sign MoU

AUIC and The Diabetes Centre Islamabad have signed an MoU under which the signing parties will exchange their facilities and service to each other in the larger interests of students of AUIC and patients. Under the MoU, The Diabetes Centre Islamabad will allow AUIC students to use their facilities, lab and equipment to get practical training in treating diabetic patients. This hands-on training in standard practices in handling patients suffering from this condition will open new doors of job opportunities for the interns.

AUIC-EOTO MoU: Another Milestone

AUIC has achieved yet another landmark by signing an MoU with Each One Teach One where the students at AUIC will have an opportunity to gain practical experience through application of the knowledge obtained during academic studies. As well as acquiring hands-on experience, they will have the pride to make contributions in uplifting the society by imparting education to students run under EOTO Foundation. Also, this will fulfill the commitment of AUIC to contribute in building the nation.

AUIC and Grace Medical Centre Sign MoU

AUIC and Grace Medical Centre have signed an MoU under which the latter will allow AUIC student an access its hospital/Centre facilities for clinical training and rotation as well as services of its human resource. This hands-on training will go a long way in equipping AUIC students to acquire professional knowledge and practical skills of their field.

AUIC and Regional Blood Centre Islamabad Sign MoU

AUIC and Regional Blood Centre Islamabad have entered into an understanding where both organizations will mutually facilitate and collaborate in various areas of transfusion medicines. In this context, RBC will organize events for AUIC faculty and students to raise awareness about general medical related topics and transfusion science.

AUIC and Tobacco Smoke Free Sign Up for Joint Efforts

AUIC and Tobacco Smoke Free Islamabad sign an MoU to pool their resources for collaborative efforts which benefit both the signing parties in the verities of ways. Under the agreement, the signatories will join hands in collaborative efforts regarding health hazards and how to make Pakistan a smoke free country. In addition, both the organizations will conduct joint research and collect data on smoking related issues to create a data bank for further research and planning corrective actions. The joint projects will impart important research skills to students as well as faculty at AUIC to become trained and skilled researchers in their respective fields.

AUIC and Alpha Engineering sign an MoU

Under a Memorandum of Understanding signed by both parties, AUIC and Alpha Engineering Consultants have agreed to cooperate and extend facilities owned by each party in order to strengthen academic and professional activities. The expertise of Alpha Engineering Consultants in architectural design, structural design and supervision service will form a nexus with academic and engineering skills possessed by AUIC faculty and students. This productive cooperation will provide impetus to the professional and technical skills imparted at the campus and will take the programme offered to a higher level. The experience gained by our students at AUIC will go a long way in making them excel in their fields of expertise.

AUIC and Pakistan Microbiological Association (Pvt) Limited Sign MoU

AUIC and Pakistan Microbiological Association (Pvt) Limited have entered a mutual understanding where both parties commit to sharing their facilities with a view to bolstering academic and professional skills of the collaborating parties. This initiative will provide excellent opportunities to Microbiology programme students at AUIC to get hands-on experience of using diagnostic facilities, lab processes and sophisticated state-of- the-part equipment at the Association facility. This initiative has been taken to make sure that by the time students at AUIC complete their degrees, they are fully prepared to undertake their professional and technical responsibilities straightaway and are able to compete with their peers at any level or forum.

MoU between AUIC and Chughtai Lab

An MoU has been signed between AUIC and Chughtai Lab where the latter will provide 8% to 50% discount on various services and tests to pink card holders issued to its employees by AUIC. For eligibility to get this card, consult AUIC authorities.

AUIC and FIFTY5BITES Enter into Cooperation Agreement

An MoU was signed between AUIC and FIFTY5BITES (SMC-PVT) LMTD where the signing parties have committed to extending facilities for mutual benefit. This will allow AUIC students to undertake internship at and use resources of FIfty5Bites in the field of computing services which promises to enhance job opportunities of interns on completion of their degree.

MoU between AUIC and Watim Medical and Dental Hospital

AUIC and Watim Medical and Dental Hospital Rawat have signed a Memorandum of Understanding under which the signing parties will exchange their academic and professional resources to the mutual benefit of the signatories. Under this MoU, Watim Medical and Dental Hospital will provide clinical training to AUIC students to gain practical and hands-on training to hone their professional knowledge and skills.

PhD Thesis Defence : Decision Support System in Software Engineering: Software Risk Factors and Software Risk Mitigations

Announcement : Ph.D. Examination of Mr. Muhammad Asif (Ph.D. Computer Science Scholar) is scheduled to be held on Saturday, January 14, 2023 at 12:00pm under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jamil Ahmed in the Conference Room of University.

Industrial trip to Mangla Dam by Electrical Engineering Department

Students of electrical engineering department Abasyn university Islamabad visited Mangla dam on December 28,2022. The purpose of visit was to introduce students with the practical knowledge of dam and power generation. Students learned about several technical features and function of dam. It was a very productive educational trip.

Seminar on “Environmental Challenges of Pakistan and Line of Action” by Civil Engineering Department

Department of Civil Engineering organized a Seminar on “Environmental Challenges of Pakistan and Line of Action” on January 06, 2023. Engr. Shahid Rehman Garewal, Sub Divisional Officer Small Dams , Punjab Irrigation Department, Graduated from Near East University, Turkey was the guest speaker and he briefed the students about the Environmental Challenges faced by Pakistan and their possible remedies. He also talked on the role of Plantation to overcome these challenges and motivated the students to conduct such drives. InshaaAllah in near future, Civil Engineering Department will conduct a Plantation Drive in collaboration with Punjab Irrigation Department.

site visit

Students of civil engineering department Abasyn university Islamabad visited Mangla dam on December 24,2022. The purpose of visit was to introduce students with the practical knowledge of dam and power generation. Students learned about several technical features of dam and function. It was a very productive educational trip.

Directorate of Electronic Media and Publications (DEMP)

Directorate of Electronic Media and Publications (DEMP), Ministry of Information & Broadcasting organized Nation Competitions of Singing, Painting, Calligraphy and Documentary. Our students Muhammad Bilal from Electrical Engineering, Dua Zulfiqar from BS English and Maha Safdar (Kizel) participated in these categories.

Clinical Visit

The students of Radiology Technology and Human Nutrition & Dietetics had an opportunity to work with senior doctors during a free medical camp organized by Grace Medical Center Islamabad on 11th December 2022.

Training program

Students of Abasyn University Islamabad Campus attended One Day Demonstration Class on “Self Defence” arranged by Islamabad Police at Police Headquarters, Sector H-11. Students were trained with self-defence strategies and actions. Other activities including Repelling from 100 feet tower, shooting practice, tug of war etc. were also conducted by the well-trained staff of Islamabad Police.

Cultural Festival

AUIC organized Cultural Carnival on 7th of December 2022. Basic purpose of this events was to break the hectic routine of students and give them opportunity to show their regional culture. Cultural Carnival 2022 presents Gilgit Baltistan Culture & Heritage, Sindhi Baithak, Kashmir Culture, Punjabi Baithak, Balochi Culture and Pakhtoon Biathak. Cultural dress, cultural foods, stalls, ramp walk, musical chair, music performance, cultural dance, bonfire and many other activities were the part of this event. At the end of ceremony prizes were distributed among the students. Credit of this event goes to team of Cultural Carnival.

Recreational Trip

The intellect must not be kept at consistent tension but diverted by pastimes…. The mind must have relaxation and will rise stronger and keener after recreation. Department of Computing arranged a recreational tour for students to Murree - Dunga Gali (Muskpuri Top). The glimpse of trip are

Spring 2023 Admission

Spring-2023 Admissions are open now. Find the program that best suits your ambitions and apply now to unlock a brighter tomorrow.

Iqbal Day

Abasyn University Islamabad Campus will remain closed on November 09, 2022 on account of Iqbal Day

Exam Fall 2022 Midterm

Dear students, Undergraduate and Graduate programs midterm datesheet for Fall-2022 is available in downloads.

Gilgit independence day

Students of Gilgit-Baltistan AUIC have celebrated the Independence Day of Gilgit-Baltistan. Worthy Vice Chancellor, Executive Director, Additional Registerer and Faculty members participated and shared their thoughts. Mr. Muhammad Shahzad Agha, Member Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly was chief guest of the event.

Participation in painting competition

Students of AUIC participated in two painting competitions organized by Election Commission of Pakistan at Pakistan National Council of Arts and Directorate of Electronic Media and Publications at Information Services Academy, Islamabad

Role of Civil Engineers in Offshore Wind Engineering

Civil Engineering Department, AUIC has organized a Seminar on Role of Civil Engineers in Offshore Wind Engineering on 7th October, 2022. Engr. Osama Rashid was guest speaker of seminar.

Survey Camp

Department of Civil Engineering has completed 15 days Survey Camp at Khanaspur, Ayubia for Session Fall 2020.

Orientation Fall22

Abasyn University Islamabad Campus welcome all fresh candidates. We wish all the candidates successful future ahead.

Summer 22 Result

Dear Students, the result for Summer-22 has been announced on student portal.

Song Competition

A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence. Rawalpindi Women University organized a Song Competition. Student of Arts & Dramatics Society-AUIC Mr. Ashir Sarwar from BS English Department participated in Competition and secured third position. Many congratulations to him.

Cafeteria Bidding

Invitation of Bids for running Cafeteria of Abasyn University Islamabad Campus are now open. Apply before the deadline.

Art & Dramatic Society

Proud moment for Art and Dramatics Society-AUIC. One of our finest artist, Miss Ayesha Zahid from DPT Department has secured second position in National Painting and Photography Competition organized by Directorate of Electronic Media and Publications, Government of Pakistan at Pakistan-China Friendship Centre, Islamabad.

Summer 22 Exam

Summer-22 Final term exams are going to start from 22 of August 2022, Datesheet for graduate and undergraduate programs is available in downloads and quick link sections.

Eid Holidays

It is notified that the Abasyn university Islamabad Campus shall remain closed with effect from 8th July, 2022 to 15th July, 2022 on account of Eid-ul-Azha holiday.

Admissions are open for Electrical Engineering Program

Abasyn University Islamabad is offering Electrical Engineering program for FSC,DAE and A-levels students having a score of 60 percent or above. Results awaiting students can also apply.

Admission for Fall 2022

At Abasyn University you have the option to choose a career path of your choice! Join our Fall 2022 semester in any of the specialized programs at our Islamabad Campus.

Exam Reschedule

Due to current prevailing law and order situation in Islamabad, it is hereby notified that the exams scheduled on Thursday, May 26 , 2022 has been rescheduled on Friday, June 03, 2022.

Exam Retake Application

It is hereby notified that the students, who could not take their exam on May 25 , 2022 due to blockage of roads can apply for exam retake.

Recruitment Drive

A recruitment drive for final year students has been successfully conducted by an international organization MTBC. This drive is beneficial for future jobs of Graduating Batches.

Orientation Day

We Welcome all the Fresh Candidates at the Orientation Day. We Wish all the Candidates a Successful Future Ahead.

Final term exams are going to start from 31st of December 2021. All of you are informed to collect your admit card from finance office. Good luck for exam.

Final term exams are going to start from 31st of December 2021. All of you are informed to collect your admit card from finance office. Good luck for exam.

Campus will remain closed on 20 of December Monday

Campus will remain closed on 20th December, 2021 Monday due to movement and security of various delegations invited in OIC Session in Islamabad

Fall-21 Final term exams are going to start from 31th of December 2021, Datesheet is available in downloads and quick link sections.

Fall-21 Final term exams are going to start from 31th of December 2021, Datesheet is available in downloads and quick link sections.

Admission open for Spring 2022

Admissions Open for Spring 2022. Apply before 6th January 2022

Mid Term Datesheet for First Semester

Fall-21 midterm datesheet for first semester is available in downloads and quick links sections.

Pharm-D admission open for Fall-21

Pharm-D admission open for Fall-21

Undergraduate Mid Term Datesheet for Fall-21

Undergraduate Mid Term Datesheet for Fall-21

Graduate Mid Term Datesheet for Fall-21

Graduate Mid Term Datesheet for Fall-21

UnderGraduate Final Term Datesheet for Summer 21

UnderGraduate Final Term Datesheet for Summer 21