Bachelor in Business Administration

The four years BBA program is tailored made to server the needs of the bright young persons who have completed twelve years of education and are looking for a career education in entrepreneurship, management profession or towards higher education in business administration. This program is open to the students with diverse educational backgrounds including humanities, science, art and commerce. However, being a program with challenging curricula and contents, it is accessible mainly to those stdents who have excellent academic record and high potential for success. The program builds in the students potential for future and enables them to build and maintain balance between the targets of economic success and the limitations of increasing social and environmental responsibility.

learning Outcomes

The students who earn the BBA degree will be able to:
  • Communicate effectively and professionally and demonstrate the ability to create coherent written and oral statements with the diverse audiance across the cultures replicating skills to analyze and synthesize information.
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify and evaluate relevant information for decision-making and make usage of diagnostic thinking skills and analytical techniques to access the information and solve problems in the environment like ours characterized by uncertainity.
  • Understand the importance of teamwork and group dynamics in achieving organizational goals and demonstrate ability to work effectively in teams.

Area of Specialization

  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Management
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Req.
SS104English - I (Comprehension)3+0None
MG108Introduction to Management3+0None
CS100Introduction to computing3+0None
MT100Basic Mathematics3+0None
SS108Islamic Studies/Ethics (for Non-Muslims)2+0None
SS118Pakistan Studies2+0None
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Req.
SS124English - II (Communication Skills)3+0SS104
MT104Business Mathematics3+0MT100
CS121Advanced Computer Business Applications3+0CS100
MG100Financial Accounting I3+0None
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Req.
SS211English - III (Technical Report Writing)3+0SS124
MT205Business Statistics3+0MT100
MG209Principles of Marketing3+0None
MG115Introduction to HRM3+0None
SS216Introduction to Sociology3+0None
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Req.
SS288Business Communication3+0SS211
SS129Arabic/Chinese etc3+0None
SS208Environmental Sciences3+0None
MG202Financial Accounting II3+0MG100
MG222Pakistan Economics3+0MG204
SS218Introduction to Psychology3+0None
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Req.
MG301Cost Accounting3+0MG202
MG366Marketing Management3+0MG209
MT301Statistics & Probability3+0MT205
MG206Business Finance3+0MG202
MG308Business Law3+0None
MG3xxSpecialization I3+0None
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Req.
SS406Business Ethics3+0MG308
MG245Organizational Behavior3+0SS218
MG306Consumer Behavior3+0MG209
MG301Financial Management3+0MG202
MG4xxSpecialization II3+0None
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Req.
MG394Summer Internship2+0None
MB422Molecular Mechanism of Antimicrobial Drugs-12+1
MB424Clinical Bacteriology2+1
MB425Medical Virology2+1
MB428Clinical Hematology in Microbial disease2+1
MB429Clinical Mycology2+1
MB430Biosafety and Risk Management3+0
MB431Environment Biotechnology2+1
MB431Hospital Waste managements3+0
MB432Radio Biology3+0
MB433Food Biotechnology3+0
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Req.
SS401Research Methodology & Professional Ethics3+0None
MG402Production and Operations Management3+0MG108
MG4xxSpecialization III3+0None
MG499Project (I)3+0None
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Req.
MG411Strategic Management3+0MG108
MG458International Business Management3+0MG206
MG4xxSpecialization IV3+0None
MG4xxGeneral Elective3+0None
MG499Project (II)3+0MG499