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Study trips of Students to NIH & Lake Banjosa

Visit of Department of Computing students at MTBC, Bagh, Azad Kashmir

Visit of Electrical Engineering students at Mangla Dam Trip 2016

Visit of Electrical Engineering students at Khewra 2016

Department of Computing

The BS Computer Science program is an important degree program at the campus. The program is designed very carefully to prepare students for ever changing computing industry. The BSCS program provides students with broad range of computer knowledge and practical skills required in most of the today businesses and industries. This program will provide the following benefits and opportunities to the ...

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Department of Engineering

The Department of Engineering offers a four years degree program in BE Electrical Engineering which is permitted by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). The main objective of this program is to provide quality education in the field of Electrical Engineering. The desired output of the program is to produce electrical engineers who are able to handle the technical issues of the field today and are prepared to address the challenges ...

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Department of Graduate Studies

The MBA program aims at developing student's intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education. The MBA curriculum provides students with a comprehensive management education of globally recognized best practices with flexibility of their adaptation to indigenous entrepreneurial and societal context. Core courses taught integrate information and ...

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Department of Life Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology program at Abasyn University provides students with in-depth concepts about the biotechnology and its related fields. The unique features of the program is that it provides a good level of education in computational technology to make student enable to use computer during their work. The main objective of the program is to prepare students for job at the ...

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Department of Management Sciences

The four years BBA program is tailored made to server the needs of the bright young persons who have completed twelve years of education and are looking for a career education in entrepreneurship, management profession or towards higher education in business administration. This program is open to the students with diverse educational backgrounds including humanities, science, art and commerce. However, being a ...

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Department of Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a profession which enables its practitioners to be involved in a multifaceted service of humanity; starting right from innovation of a new drug candidate to the patient care. Pharmacy is a profession concerned with the art and science of preparing medicine to be used in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the diseases. A pharmacist has to have the knowledge of identification, selection, isolation, ...

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