PhD Program

This Section presents details realted to PhD program offered by the University. The information in this section is very brief but useful for students to plan their PhD programs. Students will be provided additional information by their respective Departments and Supervisors. All students beign their PhD studies with the status of "admitted to PhD program". Continuation in the PhD program requires that the student perform satisfactorily during various stages such as course work, comprehensive and thesis proposal defence. Finally, admission to candidacy requires that he student demonstrate evidence of research ability on the thesis proposal defense conducted by the University. The key program activities are expected to complete as per HEC guidelines for PhD program.

Admission to the PhD Program

Abasyn University offers admission to its PhD program on the basis of open merit. Admission to PhD program is offered in the Fall and Spring Semesters. However, under special circumstances a candidate may submit his/her application to the University any time during the academic year. The Graduate Studies and Research management Council (GSRM) is the final authority to verify and confirm PhD admission.

General Criteria and Procedure for Admission

Candidates seeking admission in PhD program have to fulfill certain requirements depending on their respective field of study. The final evaluation of students seeking admission in PhD program will be done by GSRM on case to case basis. However, all applicants are required to meet the following eligibility criteria for direct PhD admission:
  • A minimum of eighteen years of education resulting in a Masters or M.Phil degree with thesis option from an HEC recognized university.
  • 3.0/4.0 Cumulative GPA in semester based system or first division in the annual based system or equivalent.
  • NTS/GRE/GMAT/IAT (Abasyn Admission Test) -
    • NTS - 60 or above accumulative score or
    • GRE General Score
      • 450/800 - Verbal Reasoning
      • 550/500 - Quantitative Reasoning
      • 3.5/6 - Analytic writing
    • GRE Subject Test - As per department requirement
    • Abasyn Aptitude Test (AAT) - 70% score (Note: If the test is not available in NTS subject list, then the University Committee consisting of atleast 3 PhD faculty members in the subject area will conduct an AAT for the applicant).

Procedure to Apply for PhD Program

A candidate will apply for admission in a PhD program using application form available for this purpose. A personal research statement will also be submitted by the student along with the application form. The admission committee or the admission office will thoroughly scrutinize the application form and send the research statement to the relevant department. If the admission office and the concerned department are satisfied with teh qualification and suitability of the candidate, then the aplications of all the candidates will be sent to GSRM for final approval.

Transfer Cases

AU accepts transfer students to PhD program. However, the university or the program from which a student intends to transfer should be HEC recognized university or program. The courses already studied by the candidate will be evaluated by the PhD admission committee at the department level. The concerned department will submit candidate's application for transfer along with the accepted courses to GSRM through the proper channel. Abasyn University does not accept result of comprehensive examination and thesis proposal completed by the candidate in other universities. The candidate (if accepted with whole course work i.e. 18 CrHr) will be required to appear in the comprehensive examination and defend his/her thesis proposal at Abasyn University.

Credit Hour Distribution

A PhD candidadte is required to complete 48 credit hours which are distributed in the following manner:
  • Minimum 18 CrHr course work for students who are enrolled in direct PhD program.
  • PhD Thesis of 30 CrHr.
The 18 CrHr course work is distributed as follows:
  • Two core or compulsory courses (6 CrHR):
    A PhD student will be required to take two core courses. The two core courses will be offered from the list of approved core courses for the program in which the student is enrolled.
    Four elective courses (12 CrHr) from the area of specialization:
    In addition to two core courses, four elective courses will be offered from the approved list related to area of specialization of the student.
    Note: In some cases (if suggested by the supervisor or PhD advisory committee) a PhD student may require to take courses from the support areas such as Math, Reseach Methods etc.

Structure and Duration of PhD Program

The normal duration of the PhD degree is three years; however, a student may be granted extension after approval by the PAC behind the normal period.

The overall structure and duration of the PhD degree

Course Work - Comprehensive Examination Thesis proposal/ Thesis/ Thesis Defense
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Semester - I
  • Core Course No. 1
  • Core Course No. 2
  • Allocation to the PhD Supervisor
Semester - I
  • Specialization/ Support area course No. 3
  • Specialization/ Support area course No. 3
  • Comprehensive Examination
Semester - I
  • Work on Thesis
  • Registration for 10 CrHr Thesis
Semester - I
  • Work on Thesis
  • Student will be registered as thesis write-up.
    Student with no CrHr in this period
  • Thesis Defense (if thesis is completed),
    otherwise thesis write-up status will continue to next semester.
Semester - II
  • Specialization/ Support area course No. 1
  • Specialization/ Support area course No. 1
Semester - II
  • Work on Thesis Proposal -
    Student must be registered for 10 CrHr Thesis
  • Thesis Proposal Defense
Semester - II
  • Work on Thesis
  • Registration for 10 CrHr Thesis
  • Thesis Defense
    (If thesis is not completed in the speculated period, PAC
    can grant extension for one year to enable student to complete thesis.
Semester - II
  • Work on Thesis
  • Thesis Defense
  • In case thesis is not completed, further extension will only be granted
    by the council after the recommendation
    of the PAC.

Financial and Assistantship

The University believes in promoting research culture in the country; therefore, maximum support is provided to PhD scholar to financially support their studies at the AU. Further, AU admits students purely on merit basis, regardless of their financial status. PhD students after the completion of course work may be involved in teaching undergraduate level courses in order to provide them financial support from the university.
The following schemes of fee wavier or discount are available at the AU:
  • Qarz-e-Hasna
  • Assistantship in the form of Research fellow, Teaching Assistant, Lab Assistant.
  • Fee discount for student with research experience, journal publication and bright academic record.
  • Assistantshup through industrial projects (if available and subject to the approval of the Project Investigator).
  • Students can also obtain grants from other organizations such as HEC, ICT R&D fund and Ministry of IT (if available).
The breakdown of the tution and other financial charges are as follows:
Admission Fee Rs. 20,000/- (one time)
Tution Fee Rs. 50,000/- per semester
Registration and other charges Rs. 7,500/- per semester
Library and Laboratory security (refundable) Rs. 25,000/- (for Life Sciences, Computing and Engineering)
Total for first year Rs. 160,000/-
Total for 2nd and 3rd year Rs. 115,000/-
Continuation fee behind 3rd year Rs. 50,000/-
Evaluation of thesis by expert from technological
Advanced Country $ 250- (one time)
Final Examination and Internal Review fee Rs. 30,000/- (one time)