MS in Software Engineering

MS in Software Engineering program is an important degree program at the university. The program is designed very carefully to cater for the need of various stakeholders. As software engineering is facilitating other sciences as well therefore the curriculum of MSSE is developed in such a way to prepare students to identify problems, provide solutions fort he existing problems in commercial, financial or other type of organizations. This degree program integratess theoretical and practical aspects of computer science discipline and its applications to various business systems. The design and use of the computer based solution to variety of problems is another major aspect to be studied during the MSSE program.
The program provides an opportunity to students to choose a specific area of the computing discipline for their specialization. The whole degree program consists of 30 credit hours.

Program Structure

Total number of credit hours and its categorical distribution
Category CrHr Description
Core Courses 15 Core courses are compulsory. A list of five core courses is designed as per the HEC criteria.
Elective Courses 09 A number of specialization areas have been identified. Students are required to take three course from this category
Thesis 06 Intensive research to be conducted under the supervision of a faculty member
Total 30

Area of Specialization

  • Software Testing
  • Software Quality Management
  • Software Project Management
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Req.
SE502Software System Design & Architecture3+0
SE501Software Requirement Engineering3+0
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Req.
SE503Software Quality Management3+0
SE504Software Project Management3+0
SEXXXElective I3+0
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Req.
SEXXXElective II3+0
SE505Research Methods and Professional Skills3+0
SE599Thesis (I)3+0
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Req.
SEXXXElective III3+0
SE599Thesis (II)3+0