MS in Electrical Engineering

Abasyn University is one of the fast growing private universities in Pakistan to offer various degree programs in Computing and Engineering disciplines. The University has successfully launched various academic programs in these areas in the last few semesters. The University has now planned a full-fledged master degree program in Electrical Engineering which has been launched at all of its campuses from Fall Semester 2013. The main goal of the program is to create specailist to solve many of the industrial problems faced by the nation. Electronics, Communication, Computing, Image processing and intelligence systems will be the main areas of study and research. Hands on practice, real world applications, case studies and activity led learning (ALL) methodologies will be used to implement curriculum. The graduate of the program will be highly useful for the job at the international companies.

Outcomes of Program

major coutcomes of the program are:
  • Ability to investigate technology and tools
  • Ability to design and propse new methods
  • Ability to design solution to problem faced by computing and engineering industries
  • Ability ot work independently
  • Ability to produce impact factor reasearch

Program Structure


Total number of credit hours and its categorical distribution

Category CrHr Description
Core Courses 09 Core courses are compulsory. A list of five core courses is designed as per the HEC criteria.
Elective Courses 15 A number of specialization areas have been identified. Students are required to take three course from this category
Thesis 06 Intensive research to be conducted under the supervision of a faculty member
Professional Workshops 0 All students will be required to take at-least two professional workshops during the entire degree program. The department will arrange workshops on various tools and techniques for graduate students.
Total 30
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Req.
EExxxCore I3+0
EExxxCore II3+0
EExxxElective I3+0
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Req.
EExxxCore III3+0
EExxxElective II3+0
EExxxElective III3+0
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Req.
EExxxElective IV3+0
EE599Thesis (I)3+0
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Req.
EExxxElective V3+0
EE599Thesis (II)3+0
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Req.
EE621Advanced Computer Networks3+0
EE622Advanced Digital Image Processing3+0
EE625Advanced Artificial Neural Networks3+0
EE626Advance Computer Architecture3+0
EE627Advanced Design & Analysis of Algorithm3+0
EE628Advanced Operating System3+0
EExxxAdvance Power Engineering3+0
EExxxAdvance Digital Design3+0
EExxxInformation Theory & Coding3+0
EExxxWireless Communication3+0