Fee Structure

The University charges tuition fee on the credit hours basis. The following table shows tuition fee per credit hour for each degree program. The fee of first semester can be paid in two instalments.
(per credit hour)
BE- Civil Engineering PKR 7,920/-
BE- Electrical Engineering PKR 4,010/-
Pharm-D PKR 3,600/-
BS- Software Engineering PKR 3,250/-
BS- Computer Science PKR 2,000/-
BS- Microbiology PKR 2,000/-
BS- Biotechnology PKR 2,000/-
BS- Telecommunication & Networks PKR 2,000/-
Bachelor in Business Administration PKR 2,000/-
Bachelor of Commerce PKR 2,000/-
BS- Development Studies PKR 2,000/-
B.Tech (Civil/Electrical) PKR 1,500/-
MS- Computer Science PKR 4,000/-
MS- Software Engineering PKR 4,000/-
MS- Telecommunication & Networks PKR 4,000/-
MS- Electrical Engineering PKR 4,000/-
MS- Management Science PKR 4,000/-
MS- Engineering Management PKR 4,000/-
MS- Industrial Management PKR 4,000/-
MS- Logistic and Supply Chain Management PKR 4,000/-
MS- Project Management PKR 4,000/-
MSc- Microbiology PKR 2,200/-
Master in Business Administration (1.5 - 2 year) PKR 2,200/-
Master in Business Administration (2 - 2.5 year) PKR 2,200/-
Master in Business Administration (3.5 year) PKR 2,200/-
Master of Commerce PKR 2,000/-
MS- Development Studies PKR 2,200/-

Description Amount in PKR
Admission Fee PKR 5,000/- (at the time of admission)
Semester Registration Fee/Transcript Fee PKR 3,000/- (per semester)
Degree Fee PKR 9,800/- (at the time of graduation)
Security Fee PKR 5,000/- (Refundable)