Department of Computing

The Department of Computing and Technology offers BS in Computer Science, Telecommunication & Networks, Software Engineering and Electronics in morning timings. The Department has also started a strong Postgraduate and Doctoral degree program. By providing a diverse range of contents in our program, we are trying to make sure that our students are fit for various career opportunities, all of which are exciting, rewarding, and greatly needed for our rapidly developing country. Depending upon their choice, they may either join field jobs, such as Software Engineers, Network Engineers, Hardware and Software Vendors, Consultants, Programmers, etc., or work in academic institutions as researchers or teachers.
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Department of Engineering

The Department of Engineering offers a four years of degree program of BE Electrical Engineering which is permitted by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) after a successful visit of the PEC inspection team. The main objective of this program is to provide quality education in the field of Electrical Engineering. The desired output of the program is to produce electrical engineers who are able to handle the technical issues of the field today and are prepared to address the challenges of ever growing and ever changing field of Electrical Engineering. Our industry oriented curriculum makes sure that our graduates will be able to fulfill the requirements of the local and foreign industry. Our focus on incorporating R&D practices in the academics will make sure that our graduates are able to work on novel problems and come up with ground breaking solutions. AAbasyn University Islamabad has also launched BE in Civil Engineering after the approval granted by PEC.

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Department of Management Science

The Department of Management Sciences offers Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees in the field of Business and Management to serve a diverse population in the competitive, dynamic and global environment. Faculty and staff are committed to continuous improvement of our academic and community programs to better serve our customers. The Department is committed to an overall balance among teaching, scholarly activity, and liaison with the business industry. The Department promotes mutual respect, professional development, ethical conduct, freedom of inquiry & expression, and equal opportunity.

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Department of Pharmacy

The Department of Pharmacy offers Pharm-D program which is known as Doctor of Pharmacy. The university has established a number of labs to support students of this department for their practicala work. Highly qualified faculty have joined the University for Pharm-D program.

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Department of Life Sciences

The Department of Life Sciences offers two bachelor and one master programs at this stage. The Department is also planning to launch its research activity through Master program very soon. The two programs are offered maximum. The main obejctive of the Department is to create specialist, who will be able to serve the nation.

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Department of Graduate Studies

The Department of Graduate Studies offers MSc, MS and PhD programs. All programs are offered as weekend programs. Following are the list of programs offered by the Department of Graduate Studies:
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • MS in Management Sciences (MSMgt.)
  • MS in Engineering Management (MSEM)
  • MS in Logistic & Supply Chain Management (MSLSM)
  • MS in Project Management (MSPM)
  • MS in Aviation Management (MSAM)
  • MS in Computer Science (MSCS)
  • MS in Software Engineering (MSSE)
  • MS in Telecommunication & Networks (MSTN)
  • MS in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)
  • MSc. in Microbiology (MSc.MB)
  • PhD Program

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