Department of Computing

Department of Computing is foremost established department in Abasyn University Islamabad Campus with state of the art lab facilities and highly qualified faculty members. The mission of the department is dedicated to provide quality education to students so that they can be equipped with knowledge, leadership skills, ability to engage in life-long learning and professional integrity along with the strong sense of social responsibility. To achieve this mission, department offers an Outcome Based Education (OBE) system which is focused at achieving specific quality attributes that a student should have while progressing through the degree program and after being graduated from the university. For this purpose, the department has adopted the guidelines provided by Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET.

The Department of Computing offers the following two 4 years (8 semesters) undergraduate degree programs:

  1. BS Computer Science (BSCS)
  2. BS Software Engineering (BSSE)

BS in Computer Science

The basic intention of BS Program in Computer Science is to develop the student’s critical professional thinking and intuition. The program of study offers a structure to provide a balanced mixture of theory and practical experiences at foundation and advance levels to make the graduate capable of sound professional decisions. As a result, the graduate will be able to attain responsible positions in business, government, and higher education at the research, development, and planning levels. The Program also provides an excellent foundation for further formal learning, hands on experience and moral values.

BS in Software Engineering

Software Engineering is the application of a systematic, disciplined and quantifiable approach to the development of a new and enhancing existing software systems. It is in fact the practice of creating and implementing large, reliable, efficient and economical software by applying the principles and practices of engineering. The basic intention of BS Program in Software Engineering is to train students in all aspects of software life cycle from specification through analysis and design to testing, maintenance and evolution of software product; such that through critical analysis and creativity, problems of the society are addressed in an effective manner.

MS in Computer Science (MSCS)

MS in Computer Science is an advanced degree program in the area of computer sciences which is aimed at preparing students for advanced and research oriented jobs in the area. Most of the courses in this program are designed in such a way that students are required to exhibit high level skills in research activities. A 6 CrHr thesis is a compulsory part of the MS curriculum. The program covers all major areas of computer sciences core courses related to Algorithms, Operating System, Theory of Programming Languages and Computer Architecture are offered by this program. Apart from core courses students are also required to take courses from one of the specialization areas of their own choice to fulfill the requirements of MS degree at the University.Read more...

MS in Software Engineering (MSSE)

MS in Software Engineering program is designed very carefully to cater for the need of various stakeholders. As software engineering is facilitating other sciences as well therefore the curriculum of MSSE is developed in such a way to prepare students to identify problems, provide solutions for the existing problems in commercial, financial, or other types of organizations. This degree program integrates theoretical and practical aspects of computer science discipline and its applications to various business systems. The design and use of the computer based solution to variety of problems is another major aspect to be studied during the MSSE program.Read more...

MS Date Science (MSDS)

Data Science is a new discipline that sits at the nexus of computer science, statistics and business. Data scientists identify opportunities for organizations, by unearthing solutions to business challenges. Through data analysis, a data scientist identifies strategic and operational opportunities for organizations, whether they be large companies, small businesses, start-ups, government offices, or non-profit Organizations need to derive value from available data. Because of this need, data scientists are in great demand.
The MS (DS) program has been designed to give students the option to be part of a data science endeavor that begins with the identification of business processes, determination of data provenance and data ownership, understanding the ecosystem of the business decisions, skill sets and tools that shape the data making data amenable to analytics, identifying sub-problems, recognizing the technology matrix required for problem resolution, creating incrementally-complex data-driven models and then maintaining them to ultimately leverage them for business growth.