Activities and Clubs

Centre of Social Responsibility

Education cannot be compartmentalised; it is an altruistic entity and pluralistic phenomenon with holistic impact. The centuries old Sophist contention that knowledge is virtue in itself, with itself being its end, is no more valid. Education and knowledge have emerged as means to an end. The prime concern of schooling in today’s society is to offer educated solutions to numerous issues of societal growth, economic development, cultural progress, and psychological maturity. It also has a responsibility to come up with technological advancements, automation tools and techniques for the elation of living standards in an all-encompassing domain. Taking cognizance of this important but unfortunately neglected facet of modern education and educational institutions, Abasyn University is proud to take a pioneering step in this much desirable direction. The aim is to not only sensitize the youth to issues of social impact but also to motivate and train them in the discharge of civic responsiveness and responsibility. The purpose is to realise a pure internal academic environment at the Campus and to spread philanthropy and purity to the surroundings. The Centre of Social Responsibility has been established at the Islamabad Campus of the University to formally and effectively cater to the mutual ethical and social needs of the youth and the society they are being trained to shape—a well-healed society that is just and prosperous.


To develop socially responsible citizens for tomorrow who not only create, plan, operate, corporate entities, manage, and run organizations but also enhance resources, connect communities, and shape societies.


  • Extend to students an awareness of corporate social responsibility
  • Bring about change through compassion, empathy, humanity, and philanthropy
  • Develop a cutting edge project initiative
  • Generate partnerships, raise funds and execute the programs by giving tangible results
  • Develop CSR resource base through links with donors, business plan development, support, and proposal development
  • Mobilize resources among a range of donors, foundations, corporations and government.

Abasyn Software Society

Abasyn Software Society (ASS) has been built with the purpose of conducting the following activities within the campus on regular basis.

Aims & Objectives

The objectives of the society include:
  • Software Projects Development
  • Conducting Events & Seminars on Contemporary Software Engineering Topics
  • Extra-Curricular Activities pertaining to software designing and implementation
  • External Networking with software houses and engineers.
  • Interlinking amongst Senior & Junior Students within the campus
  • Course Content Quality Review & Management

Character Building Society

Under Section 33(C) of NAO 1999

Tasks of Society

The tasks of this society are:
  • To Devise & Practice the Code of Conduct aimed at Character Building
  • To Behave as Role Model for Others
  • To inculcate a Strict Sense of Self-Discipline through Personal Examples taking Inspirations from Religious Values & Obligations
  • To discharge their Obligations Towards the Community's Needs & Expectations
  • To Act as Whistle Blower against Malpractices, Corruption and related Issues to Concerned quarters without any Exploitative Motive or design

Code of conduct for students

  • Honesty & Truthfulness
  • Punctuality in all Walks of Life
  • Respect for Others
  • Keep Parents informed about all Outdoor Activities

Code of conduct for faculty

  • Punctuality
  • Professional Competence
  • Fair in Dealing